Discovering a Hidden Gem in Bangkok

A chance invitation by a student at the Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music to attend a concert given by her wind trio introduced me to another hidden gem in Bangkok. Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC) is situated at the side and back wing of the historical Grand Postal Building, itself one the most impressive post offices you’ll ever see

TCDC provides a broad range of resources and services including several libraries, exhibition spaces and workshops and it offers a place where people can connect, discuss, and work together.

Interestingly, this resource centre isn’t planned as a traditional ‘silence’ library. Instead, a large portion of the space is designed to encourage conversations in a setting more like a cafe or a co-working space.

It’s a bright, modern airy building with a very ‘creative’ feel to it. I signed up as member on the spot and I was delighted to find out the organic coffee in the centre’s cafe was just the best. By the way, the concert was fabulous and the students from PGVIM did themselves proud.

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