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Welcome to my new GIVEAWAYS page! There’ll be regular free downloads available and the process is very simple: go to the Giveaways page and click on the download link for the product you require. You’ll be asked to fill in your email address but this is only to allow the download link to be sent to your email address. You won’t receive any unwanted spam.


At the moment the complete series of three BREATHE books are available. Check out the downloads page here:

The BREATHE books are a complete practice method to get your playing in shape and to improve your range and stamina. Ideal for trumpeters and cornet players but can also be helpful for all treble clef instruments.

A selection of exercises from BREATHE Book 1

Each book is divided into 10 lessons so why not try Lesson 1 for a week and see how you get on? If you practice the method every day you’ll notice a difference by the end of the first lesson. The lessons are stand alone or can be used as a warm up regime to take you onto the next stage of your practice.

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